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Maxson on IBOC RF Measurement Best Practices

Points to NRSC's new guidelines, which he helped craft

Tom Ray’s unique presentation prompted the next speaker, David Maxson of Broadcast Signal Lab, to quip: “Like Tom Ray I’m sorry I can’t be here in person. I’m actually a holographic image from the NHK booth downstairs.” He referred to the South Hall exhibit hall, which was below the BEC session rooms.

Maxson detailed the history and significance of the National Radio System Committee’s new IBOC RF measurement guidelines for both AM and FM stations.

“We need repeatable measurements, and no gold standard existed,” said Maxson when asked why the industry needs IBOC measurement guidelines. Different testers of the same system achieved varied results, even when using the same equipment, he said.

Read more about the NRSC actions at the show in an upcoming issue of Radio World.