MBHO Releases Capsule Options For US Market

MBHO Releases Capsule Options For US Market
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German microphone manufacturer MBHO has expanded its range of capsules for its Modular Microphone System.
There are 11 different types of exchangeable capsules such as omni, cardiod, wide cardiod, cardiod/speech optimized, hypercardiod, etcetera and these can be combined with the variety of microphone pre-amps MBHO offers.
The Modular Microphone System has been designed to offer versatility for live and studio environments. All electrical contacts of the capsules and pre-amps are gold sputtered to resist aging and corrosion.
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R&S Adds Generator Option

The option, available for the SMU200A, SMJ100A, SMATE200A and AMU200A, enables users to generate signals for all conventional mobile radio standards — as well as for GPS, DAB, DVB-H and T-DMB — with a single device.