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McCain, Hollings Likely to Swap Titles – Again

McCain, Hollings Likely to Swap Titles - Again

With the Republicans re-gaining control of the U.S. Senate after Tuesday’s elections, the party now leads both houses of Congress, presumably making it easier for Republican FCC Chairman Michael Powell to see broadcast ownership rules completed with little opposition from Congress. Lawmakers will be focused on items they can pass quickly, such as spending measures, when they return for a lame-duck session and then adjourn, possibly by the end of the week according to a spokesman for Sen. Fritz Hollings, D-S.C., who retains chairmanship of the Commerce Committee for a little while until new committee assignments are made for the 108th session.
When lawmakers reconvene in January, Republican John McCain, Ariz., is expected to regain control of the committee and Louisiana Rep. Billy Tauzin is expected to retain his Commerce Committee chair in the House. And while Hollings never actually set hearing dates to review media concentration, he will still be active on the issue, as the ranking minority member of the committee, the spokesman said.