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McCain to Revisit Campaign Coverage, LPFM

McCain to Revisit Campaign Coverage, LPFM

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain plans to introduce a bill similar to his campaign finance bill from last year.
This measure would require stations to carry a minimum quota of candidate ads and levies a spectrum use fee on stations.
McCain also intends to look at how many LPFMs should be allowed in light of the Mitre interference study results. As previously reported here, the FCC has invited the public to comment on the report.
In a statement prior to his hearing on broadcasters’ public interest obligations this week, McCain said the LPFM study concluded “that these stations would cause virtually no interference under the FCC’s original rules. While it may be too late to turn back the clock on the radio consolidation that has occurred, we should take another look at low-power FM as a means of providing the public with a locally-oriented alternative to huge national radio networks.”