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McDowell Headed to Hudson Institute

Conservative think tank has Center for Economics of the Internet

Outgoing FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell is going to the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank.

The Republican commissioner, who first came to the commission in 2006, announced in March he was leaving the agency.

He’s been away and was not at the public meeting last week.

McDowell now says he will join the institute’s Center for Economics of the Internet as a visiting fellow.

He said in a statement: “As its mission statement articulates, the Hudson Institute is a nonpartisan policy organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security, prosperity, and freedom. Ensuring that the Internet marketplace remains free from unnecessary government and multilateral intervention will help achieve those noble goals.” 

McDowell’s last official day will be this Friday, the same day FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski plans to leave the building.