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McDowell Was in Radio, for a Nanosecond

McDowell Was in Radio, for a Nanosecond

Robert McDowell, sworn in this June as an FCC commissioner, used to work at WTOP(AM) in Washington.
He did so right after he completed college; he told RW Online that at the time, he was considering becoming a journalist, in the steps of his parents.
But he went on to spend 16 years as a telephony executive. Before coming to the FCC, McDowell was senior vice president and assistant general counsel for Comptel, an association representing telecommunications service providers.
A few times during his briefing with reporters, he described himself as “a wireline guy,” suggesting he’s studying other industries the commission regulates.
As to his own media habits: McDowell owns several terrestrial radio receivers, does not subscribe to satellite radio and buys basic cable TV service. He has no digital upgrade, either for radio or TV.
He listens to several stations on his morning commute, including WMZQ(FM) and DC101, he told RW Online.