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MDCL Process Is Now More of a Formality

It’s part of the AM revitalization order

AM stations that want to use MDCL can do so without FCC authority as of March 3 as long as they notify the commission afterwards.

That’s one upshot of the recent AM revitalization order. Comm law firm Fletcher Heald & Hildreth has been keeping an eye on some of the administrative details and reports on its blog that the federal Office of Management and Budget now has given its approval to a section of the rules and to Form 338, the AM Station Modulation-Dependent Carrier Level Notification Form.

[Read “MDCL Operation Is a Winner for High-Power AM,”April 2012]

As Radio World readers know, modulation-dependent carrier level control technology has been OK to use in the market for five years, and can bring savings in electrical power costs; but you had to have approval first. Fletcher Heald says the FCC has given 33 permanent waivers and 20 experimental authorizations since 2011.

The firm advises broadcasters that as of March 3, AM stations wishing to use them can do so but don’t forget to notify the FCC on Form 338 within 10 days after beginning MDCL operation.

Fletcher Heald blog:
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