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MeasureCast Expands Its ‘Metric’ Offerings

MeasureCast Expands Its 'Metric' Offerings

Research company MeasureCast said it is offering its streaming clients new ‘metrics’ tailored for Internet audience measurement. It hopes these new statistics will help clients convert ratings into advertising revenue.
“The new metrics give customers more-specific information about audience listening and viewing habits,” the company stated. The metrics include Average Concurrent Connections, Total Time Spent Streaming, Weekly Average Time Spent Streaming, Average Connection Length and Total Connections. MeasureCast customers now can choose from two sets of audience reports; the second is based on standard radio industry metrics, terms and definitions and is how MeasureCast has rated Internet radio in the past. Part of the change: the ‘five-minute minimum listening rule’ is eliminated. It had required a person to listen to a station for at least five continuous minutes before being counted as a listener. The company said this led to undercounting of audience and time spent listening.