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MeasureCast: More Web Listeners, Fewer Online Stations

MeasureCast: More Web Listeners, Fewer Online Stations

The May MeasureCast Internet Radio numbers show a boost in Webcast listeners. Four-point-three million people listened to Webcasters measured by MeasureCast. That’s up from 3.9 million listeners in April. The increase in listeners is despite a drop in Internet radio stations. MeasureCast measured 1,294 stations in May, down from 1,351 in April, and 1,414 stations in March.
According to MeasureCast CEO Ed Hardy, “Consumer interest in, and demand for Internet radio continues to grow. During the past 17 months, we have seen only two months during which the total number of hours streamed by Webcasters has dropped.”
A total of 38,086,043 hours of programming was streamed in May, up from numbers in both April and March. The Clear Channel Worldwide network, made up of 199 streaming AM and FM stations, delivered 7,310,581 hours of entertainment, making it the leading Internet radio network measured by MeasureCast.