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MeasureCast: Track ‘Net Listening Like Stocks

MeasureCast: Track ‘Net Listening Like Stocks

The Net radio ratings company MeasureCast will now track online listening trends with a new weekly index. Just as with stock indices, index users can track percent changes in Net radio listening over time.
The index for each subsequent week measures the level of total online listening to stations for that week compared to the total listening during a base period, from Oct. 30, 2000 to Jan. 7, 2001.
Office hours are the peak time for Internet radio listening and Wednesday is the most popular day of the week for Net radio, according to MeasureCast.
Internet radio listening has increased 48% since January. MEDIAmazing, an Internet –only, “listener-formatted” station held onto its No. 1 spot this week, with Talker WABC(AM), New York, in second.
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