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Media Broadcast Provides German Navy DRM Services

Soldiers able to receive same-day news from anywhere

Since 2013, Media Broadcast has used Digital Radio Mondiale to provide the German Navy with audio, text and image content.

The content is received from Radio Andernach and Deutschlandradio, encrypted by Media Broadcast and then broadcast “virtually anywhere” according to the company’s press release.

Media Broadcast transmits the encrypted content from a central broadcasting site that features five adjustable antennas and transmitting power up to 200 kW. The ships receive the IP data stream with existing shortwave receiver antennas and a DRM receiver.

The receiver then transfers the data to a DRM BoardNetServer, where it is decrypted and fed into the onboard IP network, the ship’s intercom system and the broadband cable network.

Media Broadcast is a full-service provider for the broadcast and media industry in Germany.