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Media Bureau Chief Says Speed Licensing Process

Media Bureau Chief Says Speed Licensing Process

Donna Gregg said that under her direction, the focus of the FCC Media Bureau will be hastening broadcast licensing, supporting the commissioners and educating consumers. At a Media Institute appearance this week, Gregg said broadcast licensing is the FCC’s first responsibility.
“Our main priority will be to streamline and expedite the licensing procedure,” she said.
FCC Chairman Kevin Martin appointed Gregg head of the Media Bureau last June.
Without commenting directly on the indecency crackdown, Gregg said the bureau’s role in public education was to “help consumers make satisfying choices.”
“Media itself has a responsibility for the kind of services it provides, but we’re not going to let the public off the hook. People must educate themselves,” she said.
Gregg declined to answer a query about her conduct as general counsel for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the job she held before coming to the commission.
Gregg’s role in the hiring of a consultant who rated content according to political bias and in determining the severance of former CPB chief Kathleen Cox was questioned.
“It’s not appropriate for me to comment on that at this time,” Gregg said, as reported by TV Technology magazine.