Media Bureau Says AM Rule Change Will Be Effective April 10

In a month, AMs may apply for FM translators
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In a month, AMs may apply for FM translators

Good news for AM broadcasters who want more flexibility in locating their FM translator signals.

The FCC Media Bureau has announced April 10 is the date when the AM rule change will be effective. The commission had previously warned broadcasters not to jump the gun and apply for waivers to apply for translators under the recently adopted rules.

On Feb. 23, the FCC adopted a second report and order in the matter of revitalization of the AM radio service, and a day later the commission revised Section 74.1201(g) of the commission’s rules to allow AM broadcasters seeking to rebroadcast their signals over FM translators more flexibility in locating the cross-service fill-in translators.

The effective date for the AM Revitalization Second R&O was published in the Federal Register on March 16.


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