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Media Choice Said to Be Growing

Media Choice Said to Be Growing

Most worries about control and content issues relating to media ownership are based on anecdotes, not facts.
Those are the findings of an MIT consultant and author of 12 books on media ownership. Ben Compaine set out to determine if there is an impending crisis due to the perception of increased consolidation of the media industry.
Local radio competition is stronger than newspaper and television competition combined, according to the study.
“In the largest U.S. markets, there are 15 or more separate owners or radio stations – and in most of even the smallest markets there is more competition in radio than television and newspapers combined.
“Consolidation in the radio industry has been pronounced. The context, however, is that of an industry that has more than tripled in the number of stations over three decades.”
The New Millennium Research Council, which commissioned the study, is composed of a network of policy experts who say they develop real-world solutions to the issues and challenges confronting policymakers. Its work has focused primarily in telecommunications and technology.
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