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Media Mining Group Fined $8,000

FCC says KRDD doesn’t have working EAS gear

The FCC fined Media Mining Group, licensee of KRDD(AM), Roswell, N.M. for not having working EAS equipment.

During an inspection in June, a field agent from the Enforcement Bureau’s San Diego office noticed that though the station had EAS equipment installed, the gear could not receive EAS tests and station personnel couldn’t produce any documentation proving that required monthly and weekly tests had been sent or received.

Station employees told the field agent that KRDD’s EAS equipment hadn’t worked since the facility was vandalized in 2010.

Commission rules require stations to stations to ensure that EAS encoders, EAS decoders, and attention signal generating and receiving equipment are installed and operational.

Media Mining has 30 days to appeal the penalty and submit a written statement signed by an officer of the company stating that KRDD is in compliance with the EAS rules.