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Media Ownership Details Released

Media Ownership Details Released

The FCC has released the text of its Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC 06-93) that opens a review of the media ownership rules.
For the radio ownership limits, the commission asks for comment on whether the entire structure of the tier system should be changed. It asks, for example, whether additional tiers should be created, and if the rule should ensure a specific number of competitors in a market. Retaining the AM/FM subcaps is in question as is whether the limits are even necessary in the public interest as a result of competition.
It also seeks comment on the radio/TV cross-ownership rule.
The commissioners voted on the new NPRM on June 21.
In its 2002 order, the FCC decided the old contour-overlap method of determining how many signals are in a market was flawed, and it replaced the market definition with Arbitron Radio Metros in rated markets. In un-rated markets, the agency developed a modified contour overlap method. It said the issues in the un-rated market proceeding would be addressed separately.