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Media Watchdog Group Runs ‘Help Wanted’ FCC Ads

'Wardrobe malfunctions, NASCAR wreckage and fleeting expletives are discouraged.'

Media reform group Free Press is running newspaper ads in Washington highlighting the importance of President-elect Barack Obama’s choice of a new FCC chairman.

The group ran “help wanted” ads in several newspapers.

In the text, Free Press stated: “The American people seek a new leader at the Federal Communications Commission to take media and technology policy into the 21st century … Applicant must be willing to hold long and unruly public hearings and enjoy arcane telecom banter. Wardrobe malfunctions, NASCAR wreckage and fleeting expletives are discouraged.”

Free Press invited the public to contact Obama and tell him what the priorities of the next chairman should be; the organization’s own preferences are to “break up media conglomerates and return stations to local control.”