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MediaBay’s RadioClassics Debuts on Sirius

MediaBay's RadioClassics Debuts on Sirius

MediaBay, Inc.’s old-time radio programming service known as “RadioClassics” made its debut on Sirius Satellite Radio. RadioClassics is featured on Channel 156 in Sirius’ lineup of 100 channels of digital radio.
RadioClassics showcases old-time radio episodes from the Golden Age of Radio. The programming includes episodes of shows including The Shadow, The Jack Benny Show, Gunsmoke and others.
RadioClassics will also supply Sirius with selected old-time radio content, including Nero Wolfe, Sherlock Holmes, Burns & Allen, and Fibber McGee & Molly, for use by Sirius on its other spoken audio programming channels, including its entertainment, comedy and truckers channels.
Michael Herrick, chief executive officer of MediaBay, stated, “We believe that the exposure gained from our launch on Sirius and other distribution platforms will provide significant revenue streams and offer advertisers a targeted way of reaching consumers.
Sirius has given us an opportunity to expand our unique programming across digital distribution platforms, in addition to the Internet.”