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Mediaguide Promises ‘Near Census’ Airplay Monitoring

Mediaguide Promises 'Near Census' Airplay Monitoring

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and YES Networks have formed an electronic, real-time media monitoring service called Mediaguide.
The company says its advantages over similar companies are that it’s faster and programming content does not need to be encoded before it can be monitored.
Embedding some sort of identifying watermark into content so it can be tracked “requires cooperation of content owners and broadcasters and is a logistical nightmare,” said Mediaguide Chief Executive Officer George Searle.
The company can track content such as songs and ads in real-time. Executives said the system can determine the sequence of ads that run opposite a particular spot and the frequency of that ad. “Broadcasters don’t even know they’re being monitored electronically,” said Searle said.
Mediaguide monitors approximately 2,200 radio stations in 200 markets and says its database comprises millions of tracks. Its first two customers are the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and YES Networks.
The company joins a market that includes competitors BDS and Mediabase; it would also would like to expand its service to Canada, Europe and Asia.
The technology can also be used for satellite radio, cable/satellite TV and the Internet.
The system uses a network of remote workstations to monitor signals. Content that a client wants to monitor is sent to Mediaguide, and a unique set of fingerprints is created. Mediaguide’s system then compares those to the fingerprints in its memory.
Clients may view the information they request on their PC, Mediaguide told RW Online. Companies will be able to get a look at the upcoming NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia. Info: