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Mediamobile Pilots DAB V-Traffic Services

French trial tests DAB’s use for traveler information services

Mediamobile is taking part in a pilot project for digital radio launched by auto manufacturer Continental, according to the Traveller Information Services Association. The experiment illustrates the latest range of V-Traffic services on DAB and is targeted at carmakers and regulatory bodies that must make decisions about digital radio in France.

The joint objective of this partnership, which also involves VDL, Radio France, and local radios, is to deliver a practical illustration of the many advantages of DAB radio for the French automotive industry, says TISA. Continental’s experiment in Yvelines is designed to demonstrate how digital radio can provide a “high-definition” radio experience with multimedia content, while improving road safety and comfort.

The experiment required a DAB network, the infrastructure for which was set up in Rambouillet, France. The programs and information services broadcast via the network were then picked up by and displayed on the embedded Continental system. The on-board system also provides two V-Traffic services, based on the TPEG1 protocol, which feature maps that show traffic flow information and traffic alerts about accidents, roadwork and more