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MediaSpan Buys MuBu Product Line

MediaSpan Buys MuBu Product Line

MediaSpan has acquired the product line of Music Buddha Inc. or “MuBu”. MuBu developed music industry research and recommendation tools, and its products included SongSonar and AudioVoyant.
MediaSpan was happy to add on-line music research technology to its radio division. The company plans to relaunch SongSonar as part of the Music Research product suite in March, and will continue to integrate MuBu technologies into the MediaSpan product line in the future.
SongSonar allows stations to conduct on-line music testing with listeners, who register to participate in the surveys and listen to song clips to provide feedback. A suite of administration and reporting tools help stations set up the surveys and analyze the results. SongSonar can also build a listener database with detailed profile and music preference information, and provides an interactive element for the listeners.