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Meet the ‘Cool Stuff’ Winners: AudioScience ASI8702/03 Eight-Channel Tuner Adapter

Meet the 'Cool Stuff' Winners: AudioScience ASI8702/03 Eight-Channel Tuner Adapter

It’s a sound card. It’s a radio tuner. It’s both!
The ASI8702 is a PCI sound card that contains eight AM/FM tuners. Each tuner may be set to an independent AM or FM radio station. The audio from each tuner is presented to the computer host as a mono or stereo record stream that can be accessed as a Windows or Linux sound device. This allows applications to record eight simultaneous stations off the air.
Uses include station logging, ad verification and content identification. It will be popular with system integrators, who now have to cobble together discrete programmable tuners and feed audio to a multichannel sound card for recording to PC.
The ASI8703 is similar but it contains eight FM/TV audio tuners, allowing off-air or cable TV audio to be recorded. (TV? That’s just radio with pictures, right?)
Retail: $2,995. Volume pricing is available.
Info: (302) 324-5333 or