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Meet the ‘Cool Stuff’ Winners: Broadcast Electronics Big Pipe Media Transport System

Meet the 'Cool Stuff' Winners: Broadcast Electronics Big Pipe Media Transport System

BE should give a raise to the guy or gal who thought up the name Big Pipe. It captures what the product is all about.
Big Pipe is a “high-throughput-rate, point-to-point wireless solution for the transport of all types of data in the broadcast environment.” (Doesn’t “Big Pipe” sound better?)
It can be used for sending audio and other info for a station cluster to a multi-transmitter site over one wireless link. Big Pipe can handle data equivalent to 28 T1s, and it is full duplex (bi-directional).
For sending information from studio to studio, Big Pipe can take the place of a wired solution.
BE said the product will allow implementation of present and future data services for RDS, HD Radio and secondary audio channels such as Tomorrow Radio.
Big Pipe can provide Ethernet, serial data, last-mile telephone service, remote control information and video (huh!) to and from your transmitter site.
Basic systems start in the mid-$30,000 range.
Info: (217) 224-9600 or