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Meet the ‘Cool Stuff’ Winners: Comrex STAC Studio Telephone Access Center

Meet the 'Cool Stuff' Winners: Comrex STAC Studio Telephone Access Center

Talk shows have been around for a while – all the more reason to update the paradigm for talk management products.
Available in 6- or 12-line configurations, this call management system comes in a swooshy ergonomic package that contains two digital hybrids that can conference four callers.
The system works as a Web server, providing remote control and call screening access from a browser. A control surface ships with each system; and up to four surfaces with backlit buttons can be used. These can be set as limited-function screener surfaces or for full on-air control.
An “auto attendant” feature answers callers with a custom message and puts ’em on hold. Features include “busy all” for contests, “next” for fast-paced operation, VIP lines and a headset jack for hands-free screener program-on-hold.
Ships in late summer. Retail: $3,200 (STAC6), $3,900 (STAC12)
Info: (800) 237-1776 or