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Meet the ‘Cool Stuff’ Winners: Shively Labs Interleaved Analog-Digital Antenna System

Meet the 'Cool Stuff' Winners: Shively Labs Interleaved Analog-Digital Antenna System

One in a series about the winners of Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award.

Usually a product must be new to be considered for a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award. But this product was out well before most of the market was ready for it. Now that IBOC is being implemented more widely, our judges recognized Shively for setting the pace in the interleaved niche.
The system allows a broadcaster to implement IBOC in the same aperture as its existing analog antenna. The IAD method of mounting digital bays on the analog feed lines while maintaining separate inputs minimizes analog and digital losses and meets FCC requirements for dual antennas.
Shively says the method “guarantees identical analog and digital azimuth patterns, critical to FCC approval for directional systems, and not always possible with side-by-side interleaved antennas.” The ring stub design, it feels, provides superior azimuth pattern control compared to helical and side-mounted panel-style radiators.
Pricing varies based on application.
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