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Meet the ‘Cool Stuff’ Winners: Tieline Codec Solutions i-Mix G-3

Meet the 'Cool Stuff' Winners: Tieline Codec Solutions i-Mix G-3

One in a series about the winners of Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award.

Calling it the world’s first 15 kHz stereo POTS audio codec, Tieline unveiled the i-Mix G3.
Features include a new DSP platform and the promise of 15 kHz phase-locked-loop stereo over analog phone lines, or 15 kHz dual mono for sending program audio to two destinations (or use one channel for IFB) with an upgrade module. Wireless 7 kHz GSM and full-bandwidth stereo/dual mono ISDN are optional.
Features include six-input digital mixer, live caller and IFB control, dual mono or stereo ISDN, upgrade module slot, relay and remote control and optional digital router software. Retail price: $4,495. Upgrade modules: $850 each. Thus, a stereo configuration retails for $5,345.
Info: (888) 211-6989 or