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Mega’s Channel 6 Plans Clarified

No deal in Chicago or L.A., Venture says

When we reported audience figures last week for Mega Media Group’s Pulse87 in New York, we also said Mega had recently signed lease deals to program its Pulse87 format on aural carriers at 87.7 MHz of LPTV stations in Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Mega does have a deal in D.C., but it no longer does in Chicago or Los Angeles. We reported in March that it had signed letters of intent to lease frequencies from Venture Technologies Group LLC, serving the Los Angeles and Chicago markets; but Venture Technologies Group Chairman Lawrence Rogow informs Radio World those letters of intent expired and Venture decided not to pursue the deal.

Venture’s KSFV(LP) in Los Angeles airs Spanish-language programming on 87.7 MHz and WLFM(LP), Chicago airs country programming — branded as “The L” — on 87.7 MHz.