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Methodology Changes for RAJAR

British listenership survey system adds computer-assisted interviewing aid, online diary

The British audience surveying organization Radio Joint Audience Research, or RAJAR, is adjusting its set of audience-measurement tools for the second half of 2011.

Starting with the third-quarter 2011 survey period, which begins in July 2011, RAJAR will move toward collecting data digitally through a new online radio listening diary and a “digital personal interviewing aide” dubbed CAPI, or “computer-assisted personal interviewing.”

RAJAR expects the change to enhance the capture of listening data across all platforms — traditional analog radio, DAB receivers, cell phones, Internet and via digital television platforms.

The online diary will mirror the traditional paper-based diary so that results can be integrated for reporting, but RAJAR hopes the online version will help improve demographic representation by bringing in people who are less responsive to the traditional survey. The online diary initially will be PC based, but RAJAR expects to adapt it to tablets and smartphones in the future.

Also for the Q3 2011 survey, CAPI is being introduced to collect demographic data electronically as soon as a panelist is recruited for the survey.

RAJAR is jointly funded by commercial radio groups and the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC).