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Miami Will Get a Calvary Chapel LPFM Radio Station

The Federal Communications Commission continues winnowing MX groupings

Calvary Chapel of Dade County has secured a construction permit for a low-power FM station to serve part of Miami. The signal will air at 104.7 MHz.

It’s yet another example of the expansion of the LPFM service bringing more signals to major markets.

Calvary Chapel is a religious organization founded in 1965 and led by the Calvary Chapel Association, which coordinates local churches and pastors. There are hundreds of radio stations, translators, LPFMs and CPs held by entities that use the Calvary Chapel name.

The Miami application had been part of an MX group, a set of mutually exclusive applications seeking this particular LPFM slot. In this case, the only other applicant was Haitian Education Network, whose application was dismissed by the Federal Communications Commission. The group had hoped to provide English training to Haitian immigrants who live in the North Miami/Little Haiti area.

The FCC has been working through its MX lists and issuing LPFM CPs. It does so in the course of its process based on settlements and timesharing arrangements among applicants; subsequent amendments including frequency changes; and its own point system. The FCC database currently lists 873 licensed low-power FMs and 1,387 construction permits. More are coming through this MX process.

See the projected footprint of the Miami signal at the REC Networks website.