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Michaels Pleased With New Arbitron Product

Michaels Pleased With New Arbitron Product

Clear Channel Radio CEO Randy Michaels says the agreement reached between Arbitron and Clear Channel will benefit the whole industry because Arbitron has committed to developing a new product to match ratings data with advertiser’s trade areas.
Measuring radio post-consolidation is different as companies now have 2 to 8 stations in a market and may have a presence in wide, unmeasured markets, he said.
“Advertising agencies, advertisers and our own sales reps. need a clear picture of a radio station’s reach based on the realities of diaries — not on some pre-defined (Arbitron) metro,” said Michaeals.
The new program will show total station reach and allow companies with a small market presence to combine stations in a number of geographically related markets and sell them as a package.