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Michigan Owner Says No Thanks to NAB

Six-station group laments PRA policy

A Michigan station owner says he’ll cancel his NAB membership because he disagrees with the association’s strategy on a performance royalty.

“As the general manager of our company, I cannot continue to pay dues to an organization that sells out to the record labels on the performance tax issue,” Charlie Ferguson wrote to NAB.

“FM chips in cell phones is a red herring and your organization can no longer represent our company and our radio stations in any matter of financial or political importance. “

He’s general manager of Northern Broadcast Inc., which includes WKLT, WKLZ, WFCX, WFDX, WSRT and WSRJ, all FMs.

Asked for a response, NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton told Radio World, “We believe history will show the NAB Board this week made the right decision. It’s better to engage and shape the future than to have our future shaped by those who are exceedingly hostile to our interests.”