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Microjams Now Available

Imaging program is said to be 'PPM friendly'

The impact of PPM is being felt even in station jingles and IDs.

Dial Global TM Studios announced that it is distributing Microjams, an imaging package for mainstream CHR and rhythmic CHR stations.

The service package includes “minisongs” mimicking contemporary hits by using sound-alike singers and instrumentation. These minisongs can announce station call letters and other ID info.

Microjams are designed to minimize listener tuneout when songs stop, “so people listen longer,” the company says. It promotes the offering this way: “As radio stations strive to minimize listener tune-out, Microjams is the first imaging package designed for the PPM world. Microjams brand a radio station with a continuous music flow. Listeners never want the music to stop, and with Microjams it never does.”

Chris Corcoran, executive vice president of Dial Global affiliate sales, described the package: “Each station gets 24 original jams, with each jam offering three full mixes, three instrumental mixes and three a capella mixes. Plus, we add 10 monthly Nano groove work parts.”

Producer Dave Kampel is behind the creation of Microjams.

For information e-mail [email protected] or call (212) 419-2926.