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Microsoft, Others Say NRSC-5 Isn’t Finished

Microsoft, Others Say NRSC-5 Isn't Finished

Microsoft, Broadcast Signal Lab and Impulse Radio say they favor a single standard for terrestrial digital radio, but that it’s not ready for action by the FCC.
Filing joint comments, the companies – which are three of the seven members of the NRSC that abstained from voting on the IBOC standard this spring – said the omission of a codec specification is serious enough that the FCC should send the standard back to the NRSC with instructions to complete the standard by incorporating both an initial codec and a mechanism that enables the use of alternative, optional codecs.
They want the agency to establish a procedure for resolving disputes concerning further development and licensing of the DAB technology.
Microsoft, which makes an audio codec, and the other companies are interested in the data capabilities of HD Radio.