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Middleware Cleans Up Metadata

TagStation webinar explains how

During the recent NAB webinar “Radio’s Future in the Car: Best Practices for the Digital Dash,” participants mentioned how important it is to use some form of middleware to scrub the metadata that comes from the automation system, before it is sent on to RDS and HD Radio displays. One of the products mentioned was TagStation, which is owned by Emmis Communications. And now, another webinar is coming along to show just how easy that process can be.

Using TagStation to Create a Great In-Dash Experience” will be presented by NextRadio/TagStation, Jan. 11, from 2:30– 3:15 p.m. CST. According to Mike Englebrecht, director of Broadcaster Engagement for NextRadio and TagStation, “Attendees will leave the session with the knowledge they need to ensure that their station looks as good as it sounds.”

TagStation connects to a station’s local playout system so the client can manage the visual elements associated with their on-air programming. TagStation can help to turn “Now Playing” data into an enhanced product experience that is consistent across multiple technologies. These include, but are not limited t RDS receivers, HD Radio receivers and NextRadio-compatible devices.

Englebrecht adds that there is also a human component to the metadata problem. “In the early days of HD Radio, there were so few cars equipped with HD that the visual side tended to be neglected. Today, that’s changed. Part of the problem we see now is that checking the display screen of a station’s RDS and HD channel isn’t any one person’s job, but it should be. People always have too much on their plates, so it just falls through the cracks. But, if one person were assigned the task of spending 1–2 hours per week checking the display and TagStation logs, it would pay huge dividends.”