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Mike Pappas Joins Sennheiser

Mike Pappas Joins Sennheiser

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation has appointed Mike Pappas senior applications engineer, effective Jan. 16. Pappas will conduct technical seminars and workshops on Sennheiser, Neumann and the other distributed brands, providing application advice, consultation and sales support. Among other duties, he’ll provide customer-driven feedback to Sennheiser product managers and management on new product needs, industry trends and related issues.
Pappas’ particular expertise is in surround sound recordings. He has more than 500 hours of live 5.1 Direct Stream Digital recordings to his credit, said the supplier, and has been a featured lecturer on 5.1 surround sound and broadcast techniques at trade show workshops, such as NAB and AES.
Pappas is chief broadcast engineer for KUVO(FM), Denver and serves as a technical director and engineer for various NPR broadcasts, including “Toast of theNation.” Pappas will continue his independent endeavors in addition to his new job responsibilities at Sennheiser, which believes in this dual role, Pappas will be in a position to promote Sennheiser product lines while using his broadcast environment to test new products and expand the applications of existing ones.
Pappas’ engineering experience includes more than 1,500 live sporting events, the 2000 Democratic convention and various Super Bowls. He has been at KUVO since 1994.