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Millie Gates Passes Away

She was part of the Gates radio equipment empire

The last surviving principal of the Gates companies has died.

Mildred “Millie” Gates, wife of Parker Gates, passed away earlier this week at the age of 101.

Mrs. Gates married Parker Gates in 1933, a few years after he and his parents had started the Gates Radio and Supply Co. in Quincy, Ill. She was an important part of the company, running much of the business office during its early years. The Gates company would become a major player in the radio broadcast equipment making everything from consoles to transmitters. It merged with Harris Intertype in 1957, forming the core of what eventually became Harris’ broadcast equipment business.

After becoming a mother, Mrs. Gates became active in several community organizations such as the PTA, YWCA, local Good Samaritans and the Blessing Hospital. She passed away on Monday at the Blessing Hospital. She had remained active in many groups well into her 90s.

Services will be held Monday, June 3, at the Vermont Street United Methodist Church and burial will be at Greenmount Cemetery, in Quincy.