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Milwaukee Pirate Fined $10,000

Skalecki says it wasn't him and that he operated a 'weather monitoring station'

Federal Communications Commission staff used direction-finding equipment six times to pinpoint a station that was operating illegally on 92.9 MHz in Milwaukee; now the FCC has fined Steven Skalecki $10,000.

Skalecki denied the station was his, saying he operated a “weather monitoring station” and that the pirate operation was at another nearby location. The FCC rejected Skalecki’s claims, saying in its decision he had not backed those up.

Using city tax records, agents determined Skalecki was responsible for the property on West Burdick Avenue and that even without an inspection, they determined he’s responsible for the illegal transmissions “because he provided the facilities used in operation of the station.”

The commission said it identified the same signal source several times.