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Minn. FM Cites Power Savings With Flexiva

It is using a new 30 kW GatesAir transmitter

From Radio World’s “Who’s Buying What” page:

KFMC(FM) in Fairmont, Minn., this summer installed a 30 kW Flexiva transmitter made by GatesAir; now the manufacturer is highlighting the station’s savings in operational costs.

It said KFMC “has significantly reduced energy use and utility costs” since the install. The new solid-state unit replaced a tube transmitter that was put in about 30 years ago.

“The station has reduced its projected annual energy consumption by over 28 kW, resulting in a more than $3,000 power bill reduction,” GatesAir stated. It said those savings and simpler maintenance procedures will save the station a lot of money over the life of the unit.

It said the local power company also gave the station a $1,200 rebate because it could document “significant” long-term energy reduction.

Woody Woodward is general manager of KFMC and sister station KSUM(AM).

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