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‘Mischievous’ Genachowski Pounds the Boards

The new FCC chairman plays a rough hoops game

Awhile back I wrote about the fondness that Barack Obama, then the president-elect, has for basketball. He and Julius Genachowski attended Columbia College in New York and Harvard Law School and played basketball together.

The Washington Post recently reported that Genachowski, now the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, plays locally with a long-established group of current, former and maybe future administration officials that it dubbed “Hardwood Heavies.” This is a full-court, five-on-five rough game, complete with broken fingers, sprained ankles and even a couple of rotator-cuff tears and a dislocated shoulder among the players.

“The game is informal. There are no uniforms. Instead, everyone wears T-shirts, which sometimes leads to mischief,” notes Al Kamen in his column, who adds that Genachowski is “notorious for calling for the ball when he’s not on your team” which sometimes works.

I’ll have to suss out whether the chairman’s got any local college favorite hoops teams, like those in the ACC.