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Missing Public File Lists Cost KBMQ, WWNQ

Both station licenses are renewed, but broadcasters face public file fines

The FCC renewed the licenses of KBMQ(FM), Monroe, La. and WWNQ(FM), Forest Acres, S.C., but fined the stations $10,000 each for public file violations.

When Media Ministries, licensee of noncommercial KBMQ, filled out its license renewal application, the broadcaster indicated that some of the quarterly issues/programs lists required for the public file were missing. KBMQ also told the FCC that because of personnel changes, it couldn’t be sure the missing material was really not prepared and placed in the public inspection file when required, but says the issue has been addressed.

The agency said in its decision this week that taking action later is nice, but inadvertent lapses still don’t let the licensee off the hook; that’s why it found Media Ministries apparently liable for a $10,000 fine.

The other case involves Double O South Carolina Corp., licensee of WWNQ. This station, too, had missing quarterly issues/programs lists from its public file.

In its license renewal application, WWNQ disclosed the missing files and told the commission those have been prepared and are now in the file.

The commission said in its decision it appreciates WWNQ’s honesty, but said that doesn’t excuse the violation and found this station also apparently liable for a $10,000 fine.

Both Media Ministries and Double O have 30 days to respond. They can either seek a reduction or cancellation, or pay.