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Missing Quarterly Issues/Program Lists Trip Up J&J

Ironwood, Mich. licensee may owe commission $13,000

J&J Broadcasting in Ironwood, Mich. may owe the FCC $13,000 for not immediately informing the agency of a change in ownership information as well as public file violations.

J&J is the licensee of WIMI(FM) and WJMS(AM) in Ironwood. The broadcaster took over the stations in 2010.

However during an inspection last September, FCC agents noticed that the agency tower database still listed one of the previous owners, Roberts Broadcasting, as owning the FM tower. Also, after reviewing material in the stations’ public inspection file, they found that neither station had any quarterly issues/program lists since the 2010 acquisition.

There were a total of five missing lists, according to the commission, which says all copies must be maintained until the agency has taken final action on a station’s license renewal application. The bulk of the proposed fine, $10,000, is for the public file violations with the remaining $3,000 for the tower database irregularity.

J&J has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine, and must also submit a sworn statement within that time certifying that it has compiled the radio issues/program lists and updated its public file.