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Mississippi Designates GSS System

Alert FM system first installed in 2005 after Katrina

Global Security Systems said its GSSNet/ Alert Studio has been installed as the state of Mississippi’s new Emergency Alert System.

The system helps meet new FCC rules about distribution of emergency alerts and supplants the familiar EAS analog “daisy chain” distribution to broadcast outlets. GSS is based in that state. “The selection of this system was supported by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters,” the company stated.

It describes this as an expansion of the state’s existing Alert FM system, installed in 2005 and subsequently expanded; it disseminates via subcarrier of FM stations.

“Alert FM and GSSNet/Alert Studio both distribute information using the GSSNet satellite data delivery system,” the company said. “GSSNet provides a ‘switchless’ solution that is not affected by telephone or Internet issues during power outages.”

Alerting officials will send messages using an Alert Studio message origination tool; the message is sent via GSSNet and received by satellite downlinks at Local Primary 1 and 2 stations, which then broadcast the information.

Officials quoted in the announcement noted the system’s use for Amber Alerts including their ability to attach pictures to alerts and preview messages. Targeted EAS messages are also supported.

The system will participate in IPAWS so Mississippi officials can receive and distribute federal alerting messages as well.