MMStudioZ Looks to Match Inputs

New line of baluns address problems with levels, distortion, frequency response
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Balanced-to-unbalanced devices, often called baluns, are a simple, but often overlooked, means of ensuring impedance matching.

When analog sources and inputs are mismatched, it can result in problems with levels, distortion and frequency response; in the digital world, mismatches can cause the signal to fail entirely.

MMStudioZ offers several baluns designed to eliminate mismatch problems.

The BalUn221 is an audio level matching device that connects balanced sources to unbalanced inputs without an impedance drop or any overload on the semiprofessional input side. It incorporates specially made Lundahl transformer based on the LL1532.

The Imp2Match audio impedance matching device is designed to connect low-Z sources to high-Z loads, such as an electric bass guitar to an XLR-type microphone input.

The Digital BalUn 110-75 ohm and 75-100 ohm digital audio impedance adapters allows 75-ohm coaxial transmission of two-channel AES/EBU digital audio signals.

The adapters convert all standard AES/EBU digital audio signals from 110-ohm XLR3 output at 4.5 volts to a 75-ohm BNC coaxial cable and back to a 110-ohm XLR3 input (200 mV minimum). They also provide excellent rejection against hum and RF noise.


Dashboard Look for BE Importer

V2.0 software for the Broadcast Electronics (BE) IDi 20 HD Radio importer unit enhances the dashboard-like graphic user interface with bitrate "tachometers" in addition to on-console audio level and other controls for the management of multiple program channels.