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Moms Are Mobile

Edison Research says mothers are gravitating towards mobile devices

As Mother’s Day approaches, market research from Edison Research has released a report, “Moms and Media 2014,” looking at mothers and the media they consume and use. There’s heavy use of mobile devices in the findings.

Edison says, “This mobile trend is highlighted throughout our latest report … where it is prevalent not only in the growing numbers for mobile device ownership, but also in the behavior change we see associated with it. Habits like social networking, watching television and consuming online radio are directly impacted by the mobile lifestyle of moms.”

According to the report, 92% of mothers own a cellphone with 69% opting for a smartphone, and they keep those devices close. The report says that 71% of moms text daily and 69% are checking out Facebook, though that may have peaked.

Television garners a lot of mom’s time and 76% surf the Internet while viewing TV — a great deal on tablets and smartphones.

For radio, the report says that moms are focusing more on Internet radio these days, with 12 hours a week listening online or via a smartphone. Pandora is a particular favorite with over half having the smartphone app. Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio was a distant second with 19% while “any” FM/AM radio station app came in third with 13%. The report also said that 30% of moms were connecting in their car to online radio.

But in the bedroom, radio got bad news. The report said that 70% of moms had a TV in the bedroom but only 47% had a radio. Radio did hold its own in morning activities with a second place finish (21% listening) to TV (36% watching). It beat out app activity (17%), Internet surfing (15%) and reading a newspaper (5%).

Keeping up with music wasn’t that important, and having an FM tuner in the phone might lead to more radio listening.

The report was sponsored by Triton Digital, the Internet and digital media research and services firm.