Monday Is Traffic Professionals Day

Remembering key personnel in your radio station operation
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The Traffic Directors Guild of America wants radio station personnel to celebrate Traffic Professionals Day on Monday.

In a release, the TDGA’s Larry Keene said, “Monday (November 3rd) is the one day the industry sets aside to walk down the hall to say a quick thank you, or bring in some breakfast treats, have flowers delivered, plan a luncheon, arrange your deejays to congratulate them on their shows... or whatever your own creativity envisions to say: ‘Thanks, great job…’”

He adds, “If you receive your logs from a hub, invest in a phone call. If you’re at a hub then call your ‘spokes,’ and let them know you’re thinking about their contributions. If you’re at corporate — imagine how great you’ll make everyone feel by sending a memo to all your clusters.”

One additional note from the release: “TDGA will be running all sorts of items, photos and articles during the week following Traffic Professionals Day, so take along a camera and send us some photos of the men and women that probably would appreciate a thank you from the staff, especially at this really busy time of the year. Send us any photos as an email attachment to”