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Monitoring Company Will Target Noncom Plays

Monitoring Company Will Target Noncom Plays

Mediaguide has launched a subsidiary, Frequency Media. It describes the offshoot as “the first company fully dedicated to providing accurate,
electronically-monitored non-commercial radio products.” Joe Wallace was named CEO.
The company will provide real-time online access to airplay reports on non-commercial radio music formats including Americana, classical, jazz and triple A, among others. The parent company is a joint venture between ASCAP and YES Networks.
“According to the NAB, there are over 2,000 non-commercial radio stations in the U.S., including more than 1,000 college radio stations,” a company spokesman stated.
“Historically, non-commercial radio has been tracked only by album, using manual and incomplete data gathering techniques. Frequency Media will benefit from Mediaguide’s extensive monitoring network, which currently monitors more than 2,200 radio stations in the United States.”