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Montoya Sells Two AMs in Favor of Podcasting

Montoya Sells Two AMs in Favor of Podcasting

The owner of two radio stations in Wyoming said it has sold the stations and is concentrating on Podcasting.
Christus Broadcasting had owned KJJL(AM) and KKWY(AM) for 11 years. The company sold to LaFamilia Broadcasting and said it formed the American Podcasting Network.
Paul Montoya was CEO. He put out a statement that “I was there when FM radio came into its own and saw the impact on AM radio. I have also seen the impact satellite radio has had on FM radio. I can now see the incredible possibilities that Podcasting can have globally on the way people listen to content. Now they can listen to programs they want to listen to, when they want to listen to it.”
Programs on the American Podcasting Network are downloaded free to the listener. Montoya said revenue will be generated by advertising within the programs similar to traditional radio broadcasting. The company wants to have 50 programs available online at by the middle of this year.