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More Manufacturers Designing, Manufacturing HD-R Products

According to iBiquity, 23 factories are now licensed to make devices

IBiquity Digital says it now has licensed more than 140 companies to develop HD Radio receiver components and products. The company this week said it has just licensed A-MAX Technology, EnGIS Technologies and Harbor Light Technology.

Twenty-three factories now offer HD Radio product production capabilities, up from eight in 2006, and three in 2005.

COO Jeff Jury said the rapid buildout of manufacturing capability for HD Radio devices reflects the growing range of products coming to market now and in the future.

Located in Europe, Asia, and North America, these companies include baseband chip manufacturers, tuner chip manufacturers, test equipment developers, test centers, software developers, module developers, manufacturing houses, and receiver developers and brands, iBiquity said.

The company again participated in the annual Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Fair.