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More Power for Netia MAM

Solution now features integration of MediaSpeech speech-to-text engine

Netia has announced a partnership with Vecsys through which the Vecsys MediaSpeech “speech2text” engine will be integrated into the Netia MAM solution to make full-text transcription and search capabilities available alongside video in the MAM interface.

According to Netia, this new capability enables the automated transcription of audio tracks accompanying any ingested video as well as greater control over indexing, enriching, storing, retrieving, and monetizing A/V content.

“By converting audio tracks into searchable transcriptions, the MediaSpeech engine not only supports faster and more effective content searches, but also enables more comprehensive extraction of metadata and more extensive automated indexing,” said Paul Henri Oltra, vice president and CTO at Netia.

“These benefits are significant individually, and together they yield a tremendous boost in the efficiency with which users can find and use the content they want or need.”

“Vecsys is very excited about this partnership with Netia,” said Béatrice Bacconnet, Vecsys CEO.

“Video and audio productions are extremely precious assets, but they are often underutilized because traditional searches are blind to their true content. The combination of the Netia MAM with our Vecsys MediaSpeech speech-to-text solution is cracking the code to deep audio and video content management; it’s opening a range of new possibilities for producers, broadcasters, journalists, and analysts, as well as the public at large.”