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More Radio Stations May Be Affected by Repack, CPB Says

A new total of 191 CPB-eligible radio stations may be affected

“More PRSS stations may be affected by the FCC’s Broadcast Spectrum Auction than was originally reported” according to an updated Corporation for Public Broadcasting report, the Public Radio Satellite System’s Erich Shea writes. 

The March 6 followup to “Potential Impacts To Public Radio Transmission Facilities From TV Band Repacking” says 191 CPB-eligible radio stations may be affected because these stations share transmission towers with one or more TV stations; and 53 of these stations share a tower with one or more TV stations currently operating on Channels 38-51, which will will either be repacked or go off the air.

The original report predicted 95 stations would be affected by the repack. The revised report lists all of the potentially affected radio stations.

Additionally, there are 304 CPB-eligible radio stations that are within 250 meters of one or more TV stations, which is double the number of stations identified in the February edition of the report. According to Shea, “these ‘near co-located’ stations may be affected by repacking to a lesser extent, but some may be required to eventually reduce their transmission power.”

The remainder of the report remains the same.